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Taneytown Chamber Electric Coop

Commercial Energy CO-OP

When commercial energy purchasing was deregulated in Maryland in 2002, the Taneytown Chamber partnered with CQI Associates to establish a Commercial Energy Purchasing Cooperative for its members. Since then, the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce - CQI Energy Cooperative has helped hundreds of area businesses realize long-term budget stability.

Benefits of the Taneytown Chamber Commercial Energy Cooperative:

  • INCREASED PURCHASING POWER in procuring electric and natural gas at competitive rates to businesses.
  • Eliminates the need to ‘go through it alone’.
  • Historically, the average co-op member SAVES about the equivalent of their July electrical bill and/or their February natural gas bill. When compared to utility S.O.S. rates.
  • BUDGET STABILITY (no more ‘roller coaster costs’) by offering FIXED RATE energy supply costs.
  • Assistance in being PROACTIVE in fulfilling energy buying needs.
  • We offer the opportunity for businesses to share in the valuable energy EXPERTISE that the cooperative provides.

This program offers FREE informational seminars and webinars about energy deregulation and valuable insight into energy procurement options. CQI manages the member education and bid phases of the program, oversees the transition of the members’ energy accounts, and offers continuing technical expertise to members throughout the term of the energy contracts.

Learn how your business can benefit from joining the Taneytown Chamber of Commerce - CQI Commercial Energy Purchasing Cooperative by visiting www.cqiassociates.com or calling 443-472-3870 for more information.

Residential Energy CO-OP

In addition to commercial energy procurement, CQI Associates is also a leader in the Chamber Residential Energy Purchasing Cooperative. CQI offers competitive fixed supply rates to the chamber residential energy cooperative members. To learn more or to sign up, CLICK HERE. When signing up, please designate the Taneytown County Chamber of Commerce.

Ready to sign up now?

New this year: Complete the entire registration process online! CQI has made joining the cooperative even easier than in the past. Simply click on the logo to access the sign-up portal, or CLICK HERE.

P.O. Box 18, Taneytown, MD 21787 | PHONE 410-756-4234 | biz@taneytownchamber.org